We offer a variety of Mass enrollments that can be used for special prayer needs. Each enrollment comes with a beautiful Card that can be presented to the recipient or kept as a prayerful reminder. Enrollments make a loving and thoughtful gift for someone in need of comfort, healing, or encouragement—or just to let a loved one know they are in your thoughts and prayers every day.
When you receive your Card(s), please remember to fill out and return the accompanying enrollment slip when you use them. This will let us know who to remember in our Masses and prayers.
Recipients will be remembered at the Franciscan Motherhouse Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian in the Holy City of Rome.
When you use one of our Cards, you may make a charitable offering to the Franciscan Friars in one of three ways:
When you receive the Card(s), you may fill out and return the accompanying slip with your offering;
You may use our printable gift form and return it with your offering;
You may make an offering electronically via this website.


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  • Individual Mass Card

    Individual Mass Card & Remembrance

    Each lovely Mass Card includes an Individual Mass Remembrance to be said by a Franciscan Friar, T.O.R., at our Motherhouse Basilica in Rome. Request an Individual Mass Remembrance and Card for yourself or anyone special in your life.

    The suggested offering is $10 for each Individual Mass Card requested.

  • Health and Healing Enrollment

    The recipient of this beautiful card will be enrolled in our Health and Healing Mass Association, and will be remembered in our Masses and prayers for health and healing for as long as the graces are needed.

    The suggested offering is $10 for each enrollment requested.

  • living enrollment

    Living Enrollment Card

    Use our Living Enrollment Card to inform a loved one that they and their special intentions will be remembered as long as they live in the Masses and prayers of the Franciscan Friars, T.O.R.

    The suggested offering is $10 for each enrollment requested.

  • Perpetual Mass Assoc Enrollment

    Use this card to announce your enrollment of a deceased loved one in our St. Francis Perpetual Mass Association. Those enrolled will share perpetual remembrance in the Masses of the Franciscan Friars.

    The suggested offering is $10 for each enrollment requested.

  • mothers

    Expectant Mothers Enrollment

    This card is a wonderful gift for any woman who is expecting a baby. She, her baby and her family will be included in the daily Masses of the Franciscan Friars, T.O.R., in the Holy City of Rome, until and including the birth of the child.

    The suggested offering is $10 for each Expectant Mother Card requested.

  • Gregorian

    Gregorian Masses Card (30 Days)

    This special and beautiful card announces remembrance of the deceased in 30 days of consecutive Masses exclusively for the repose of the soul of the departed.

    The offering for these traditional Gregorian Masses is $300.